ElyOtto - SugarCrash! (Lyrics) ft. Kim Petras & Curtis Waters

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Check out the REMIX of ElyOtto - SugarCrash! featuring Kim Petras & Curtis Waters!
ElyOtto - SugarCrash! (Lyrics) Remix ft. Kim Petras & Curtis Waters
I'm on a sugar crash, I ain't got no fuckin' cash
Maybe I should take a bath, cut my fuckin' brain in half
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[Intro: Kim Petras]
What's up? This is Kim Petras
[Chorus: ElyOtto]
I'm on a sugar crash, I ain't got no fuckin' cash
Maybe I should take a bath, cut my fuckin' brain in half
I'm not lonely, just a bit tired of this fuckin' shit
Nothin' that I write can make me feel good
[Verse 1: ElyOtto]
Victim of the great machine, in love with everythin' I see
Neon lights surroundin' me, I indulge in luxury
Everythin' I do is wrong, 'cept for when I hit the bong
Hit the bong, hit the bo-, feel good
Feeling shitty in my bed, didn't take my fuckin' meds
Hyperpop up in my ears, everything just disappears
Don't wanna be someone else, just don't wanna hate myself
I just don't wanna hate myself, instead I wanna feel good
[Chorus: ElyOtto]
I'm on a sugar crash, I ain't got no fuckin' cash
Maybe I should takе a bath, cut my fuckin' brain in half
I'm not lonely, just a bit tired of this fuckin' shit
Nothin' that I write can makе me feel good
[Verse 2: Kim Petras]
I got a sugar crush I can never get enough
Flip the forward better rush, rush (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Hot music, energy, everybody's getting me
Wish I was a better me, me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Feel my heart racing
Everything's changing
Feel fucking crazy
I just wanna-
Feel good
[Verse 3: Curtis Waters]
Victim, victim, made myself a victim
Running in cycles cause I'm struggling in a system
Symptoms, symptoms, dealing with addiction
Got me on these meds, say I'm really sick
I'm home, I'm ain't coming home
Don't miss when I'm gone
I ain't coming home
[Bridge: ElyOtto]
Where to now?
Got the rest of my life just laid out
Got the rest of my life to fuck around
Got the rest of my life to make sound
Feel, feel good
[Outro: ElyOtto]
I'm on a sugar crash, I don't really understand
Pressures keeps on building, never quit it's really down my hand
Give me a minute, I need press pause on this
I just want to feel good, even for a little bit
I'm like a little kid in a sweet shop
Pretty packages I can never make a stop
Suck a nightmare, I can never live it down
So all I really know how to do is make sound
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ElyOtto - SugarCrash! (Lyrics) Remix ft. Kim Petras & Curtis Waters
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