Jillian Rossi - Fever Dream (Lyrics)

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Jillian Rossi - Fever Dream (Lyrics)
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🎤 Lyrics:
Cold sweats in the middle of the night
Flashbacks of you and I
In your sweats
How’d you make mean feel so nice
Now I’m
Starting to see this new guy
But it just don’t feel right
Even though he might be
You’re so bad for me
But I want your love every morning
Waking up with him but wish you’d call me
I still miss our extremes, like
Your come over texts at midnight
Rolling out of bed for your lies
Putting glitter on my blind eyes
Loving you wasn't as it seemed
Finding good in bad and ugly
Deep down knowing you don’t love me
leave again before the morning
Loving you was a fever dream
I must, have been so sick
for your touch to be the fix
Fell in love with being used
He showers
Me with gifts and flowers
But I miss taking showers
With you
You’re so bad for me
But I want your love every morning
Waking up with him but wish you’d call me
I still miss our extremes, like
Your come over texts at midnight
Rolling out of bed for your lies
Putting glitter on my blind eyes
Loving you wasn't as it seemed
Finding good in bad and ugly
Deep down knowing you don’t love me
leave again before the morning
Loving you was a fever dream
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