Nea, Sandro Cavazza - Don't Deserve This (Lyrics) Animal Elektric Remix

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Nea, Sandro Cavazza - Don't Deserve This (Lyrics)
Nea, Sandro Cavazza - Don't Deserve This (Lyrics) Animal Elektric Remix

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🎤 Lyrics:
I was running out of battery
I didn’t wanna wake you when you sleep
Swear you always blame it all on me
And I don’t get why you’re upset now
But girl you haven’t called me in a week
Then you come round like hey what’s up I’m free
The stories you make up I don’t believe
I’m trying my best, but I guess baby
You don’t deserve this, nana
Now you say you’re sorry but you’re not
Babe nobody’s perfect, nana
But I’m losing count on all the times you’ve fucked it up
Still, I know it’s me that’s on your mind, yeye
But I’d rather be at sleep at night
I don’t deserve this
Maybe not, but it’s not my fault that you want me
You’re the one I call when I’m in town
You need a girl like me to hold you down
Babe it’s not my fault that you got doubts
You can’t put that shit on my shoulders
You give me hell right from hello
But make it so damn hard to go
There’s paradise under your clothes
I’m trying my best, but I guess baby
Ooh, it’s not my fault that
Ooo, you’re all I want now
Ooo, it’s not my fault
(No, it’s not my fault that you want me)
Ooh, it’s not my fault that
Ooo, you’re all I want now
Ooo, it’s not my fault
You keep coming back
So, I guess that I’ve got what you’re searching for yea
Your touch is worth it, oh yea
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